Cell-Material Interaction

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The interaction of material surfaces with cells is of primary relevance and contributes to the clinical success of implants. Cells sense their physico-chemical environment resulting in spatio-temporal localization, focal adhesion reorganization and activation of integrin dependent signaling proteins as well as phenotypic changes, e.g., of the actin cytoskeleton. The mechanics of building instructive biomaterials involves chemical modifications by grafting of chemical groups, growth factors and adhesion ligands. By structuring the surfaces geometrically and stochastically and by modifications of the material stiffness, physical modifications of the materials are designed. Insights into the mechanism at the interface that is included in the regulation of cells such as osteoblasts, stem cells and chondrocytes by materials will enhance the development of innovative biomaterials in regenerative medicine.

From the extracellular environment, cells can interpret information by turning physical cues into biochemical signals (mechanotransduction). Such physical cues may be in the form of topography (micro, macro, or nanoscale in size), surface chemistry (grafted or inherent) and stiffness (tissues have varying hardness from soft fat or nerve tissue to hard bone tissue). Cells alter their adhesion and cytoskeleton using cell adhesion sites in response to these extracellular cues. Adhesions and the cytoskeleton are inter-linked to biochemical effectors that can obtain control over cell migration, growth and even stem cell differentiation and self-renewal. This session will explore how we can utilize synthetic materials to explore the cell–material interface and how this has helps for tissue engineering next-generation scaffolds.

  • Biomaterial Surface Design
  • Responsive Materials and Surfaces
  • Analysis of Biointerfaces
  • Cell response to Surfaces
  • Self-assembly at Interfaces

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