Biomineralization Photo Biomineralization is the procedure by which living beings deliver minerals, frequently to solidify or harden existing tissues. Such tissues are called mineralized tissues. It is a great degree of the board wonder; every one of the six ordered kingdoms contains individuals that can frame minerals, and more than 60 unique minerals have been distinguished in organisms. Examples incorporate silicates in green growth and diatoms, carbonates in spineless creatures, and calcium phosphates and carbonates invertebrates. These minerals frequently frame basic components, for example, ocean shells and the bone in warm-blooded creatures and winged creatures. Creatures have been delivering mineralized skeletons for as far back as 550 million years. Different illustrations incorporate copper, iron and gold stores including microbes. Organically shaped minerals regularly have extraordinary uses, for example, attractive sensors in magnetotactic microorganisms (Fe3O4), gravity detecting gadgets (CaCO3, CaSO4, BaSO4) and iron stockpiling and preparation (Fe2O3•H2O in the protein ferritin).
  • Biomineralization and The Structure of Biominerals
  • Analytical Techniques and Methods in Biomineralization
  • Bioinspired Materials and Applications
  • Biomimetic Synthesis
  • Modelling in Biomineralization
  • Pathological Biomineralization
  • Genetics and Biomineralization

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