Biomaterials and Medical Devices

Biomaterials and Medical Devices Photo Biomaterials from social insurance perspective can be characterized as materials those have some novel properties that make them fitting to come in a quick relationship with the living tissue without inspiring any antagonistic safe dismissal responses. Biomaterials are in the administration of humanity through antiquated circumstances however ensuing advancement has made them more adaptable and has expanded their utilization. Research is being performed to enhance the current techniques and for the development of new methodologies. With the present advance in biomaterials, we can expect future medicinal services which will be financially practical to us.
  • 3D printing of Organs and Tissue
  • Biomedical Applications
  • Biomimetic Materials
  • Body Implants and Prosthesis
  • Surfaces and Interfaces of Biomaterials
  • Hard and Soft Tissues
  • Friction, Wear and Fatigue in Biomaterials
  • Drug Delivery Systems
  • Biomaterials Imaging
  • Bioinspired Materials

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