Artificial Organs

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An Artificial Organ is a man-made organ which is designed to implant or integrated into a human to replace a natural organ and for the purpose of duplicating or augmenting a specific organ or a group of related functions for the wellness of the patients. 3D bioprinting plays an eminent role in artificial organs technologies. 3D bioprinting creates artificial organs like Heart, Kidney, Liver, Capillaries, Cardiovascular stents.

  • Robotics and Navigations
  • Apheresis / Hemapheresis
  • Artifical Organs and Society
  • Artificial Kidney
  • Artificial Liver
  • Artificial Lung and ECMO
  • Artificial Pancreas and Diabetes Treatment
  • Bridging to Regeneration and Transplantation
  • Bioartificial / Hybrid Organs

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